Who practised acupuncture first?


Acupuncture- the use of needles inserted
in the body has been used in Chinese medicine
for thousands of years. in the Chinese  Taoist
religion order in the body depends on two
opposite States called yang and yin. Yang is
associated with light,the sun, the south,
masculinity and dryness.Yin is associated with
darkness, the moon,feminity and wetness. All
illness is thought to be an imbalance between
these two states.

         Acupuncture  is used to restore the
balance of yang and yin. the needles vary
from 2 to 25 cm in length.  They are inserted at
1 IMO of over 800 points line along certain lines
on the human body. The  needles may be left in
for several hours. This form of treatment is still
used today and surgery is often performed using
acupuncture instead of anaesthetics.

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