Best Video Games That Train Your Brain

Studies have shown that playing video games provides several benefits. Other than entertaining people, it also helps train the brain and improve social skills. In addition, other research have noted the educational and therapeutic uses of these video games.

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People in search of brain challenging games have a wide choice today. There are the so-called brain apps that can help players perform a variety of tasks and even take control of their emotional state. They are called as such as their main objective is to train a person’s brain.

In recent years, the number of video games that challenge the brain has grown. The Nintendo DS pioneered the Brain Age game and since that time, more quality titles have been developed. Those using the iOS have plenty of options to choose from inside the App Store.

There are plenty of brain teasing video games you can find online these days. Whatever your objective is, you can surely find one that will give you a fun and enriching time. Game-focused websites and those that share tips such as F3Y are great online resources to visit.

Brain School

This app features 20 addictive puzzles that will challenge your brain. The games are divided into four years and have five difficulty levels. It’s like you’re attending college progressing into the more difficult levels.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

This app features fun games specially designed by neuroscientists aimed at improving memory and concentration. Users have the opportunity to monitor their progress and check insights concerning their brain health.

At the beginning, a user is given a quiz afterwhich the app adapts the difficulty level of the game to your profile. Improvement can be seen for users who play the games at least twice to three times per week.


Luminosity is a popular app with three mini games. It helps improve memory, attention, problem solving and thinking skills.

Simply by playing one session each day, a user can already improve his mental skills and monitor their progress onward. Apart from better memory, users can also expect to improve their mood.

Fit Brains Trainer

Released in 2013, this app for iOS is considered one of the best brain trainers available today. The exercises are guaranteed to give users a fun and challenging time. There’s never a dull moment with this app and the exercises are always fresh.

Personal Zen

This game allows players to follow two animated characters with opposite personalities. One character is calm and friendly while the other has an angry look.

Developed by Dennis and researchers from Hunter College and New York’s City University, the game helps lower anxiety by letting users focus on the positive side of things.

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