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Avon Makeup Sale ~ Find Out What Avon Makeup is Currently on Sale!

Are you wanting to know what Avon makeup is on sale right now? Avon comes out with a new campaign book that has different sales every 2 weeks.

Avon Makeup Sales in the Campaign Book

There are different makeup items that are on sale in each separate campaign. For example, Avon mascara may be on sale in this campaign, along with other products, but next campaign the sales change.

Makeup Sales in the Avon Flyer (or Insert)

In addition, along with the regular Avon Campaign Book, there are also a couple of different Avon flyers to shop from.

The Avon monthly flyer lists other current Avon specials. This is not the regular Avon book. It’s much smaller. Anyway, this flyer often has Avon bundles where you can get Avon duos or sets for a better deal than you would if you purchased these items separately.

Avon Good Buys Book (Replaces the Avon Outlet Book)

In addition to the regular Avon catalog and the Avon flyer, there is another NEW Avon Clearance book called GOOD BUYS. This Avon Good Buys Book replaces the Avon Outlet Book, which has been discontinued.

One thing that’s different between the Avon Outlet Book and the Avon Good Buys Book is that the Avon Outlet Book was a book that came out every campaign. However, the Avon Good Buys book only comes out with a new book about once every couple of months.

What’s Included in the Avon Makeup Sales/Specials?

The Avon specials will rotate and be different in each campaign. Read on to see all the different makeup products that Avon has to offer. Then, be sure to watch for the products that you want to go on sale.

If you find a really good Avon sale, you may even want to stock up on these items so that you are ready when you run out of product.

Below are the different Avon makeup products that either are or will be on sale eventually. Be sure to watch for the next new Avon book which comes out every 2 weeks!

Avon cosmetics include makeup for eyes, lips, face, and nails. In addition to makeup, Avon also has a large variety of skincare products. The Avon Anew skincare products are popular products and they do a great job when it comes to anti-aging.

Avon Makeup For Eyes

Avon has a great variety of eye makeup to choose from. See what Avon products are on sale right now in the current Avon catalog. There’s everything you need to dress up your eyes including mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, and makeup for brows.

Avon Mascara

When it comes to mascara, my hands-down favorite Avon mascara is the True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara. I like long lashes and this mascara gives me the length that I’m looking for.

The Avon Super Extend Nourishing Mascara is also a good one. This mascara doesn’t give the kind of length to my lashes that the Love at 1st Lash does, but it contains great ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E.

Therefore, it seems like the Super Extend mascara is good for lash growth. It really seems like my natural lashes did grow longer than usual after using this mascara. So that’s another good mascara to check out.

In addition, there are also a few other different mascaras available from my online Avon store, but I’m not going to talk about those right now. This is mostly because I have not had the chance to try the others yet, so I can’t give an honest review on them.

However, if you want to check out the other Avon mascaras, you can do that at my online Avon store found here.

Avon Eye Shadow

When it comes to eye shadow, the most popular Avon Eye Shadow products are the eye shadow quads.

As you can gather from the name, there are 4 different coordinated eye shadow shades in each of these quads. These coordinated eye shadow shades will make your eyes look gorgeous and effortless!

If you like liquid eye shadow, be sure to check out the Avon Glimmershadow Liquid Eye Shadows. These liquid eye shadows come in a variety of colors including Ultramarine, Peach Sapphire, Fool’s Gold, Jade, Iron Violet, Rose Gold, Bronze Age, and Smoky Quartz.

Avon Eye Liner

Another popular Avon makeup product is the Glimmersticks Eye Liners. I like these because you don’t have to sharpen them. You just twist it up when you need more liner. In addition, there’s a variety of great colors to choose from.

If you prefer to get an eye liner that you sharpen, there’s the Ultra Luxury Eyeliner pencil that I haven’t used personally yet, but it does get excellent reviews. You can see all the Avon makeup reviews at my online Avon store also, if you are interested.

For all you liquid eyeliner fans out there, Avon currently has 2 different options available for you.

First of all, there’s the Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner. Draw both thick and thin lines with this eye liner depending on the look that you are trying to achieve.

Secondly, there’s the Avon True Color Super Extend Precise Liquid Pen. This liquid liner comes in 3 different shades including Black, Brown Suede, and Sapphire Blue. However, the Mega Effects Liquid Liner is only available in black.

Makeup for Brows

Avon has 2 different makeup products available for eyebrows. The first brow makeup product is the Ultra Luxury Brow Liner which is available in 4 different shades.

In addition to the Ultra Luxury Brow Liner, there’s also the Glimmersticks Brow Definer. This paraben-free liner is long-wearing and smudge resistant. Furthermore, this liner is available in 6 different shades.

Avon Makeup Remover

There’s also a makeup remover from Avon for you to use when it’s time to take it all off at the end of the day. One product that’s good for removing makeup is the Avon True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion, but if it’s wipes that you prefer, check out the makeup remover wipes with mineral complex.

Avon Makeup & Products for Lips

Avon has a LOT of choices when it comes to lipsticks and other lip makeup products. Therefore, I’m just going to focus on the lip products that are the most popular and the Avon best sellers.

Avon Lipstick

The 3 Avon lipsticks that are the most popular with consumers are the Avon True Color Lipstick, the Beyond Color Lipstick, and the True Color Nourishing Lipstick.

True Color Lipstick

These paraben-free True Color Avon lipsticks come in 27 different shades! They contain ingredients like shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E. Choose from either a satin finish or a shimmer finish. This lipstick will also condition and moisturize your lips.

Beyond Color Lipstick

Make your lips look fuller and more plump! Avon Beyond Color lipstick contains both jojoba oil and pomegranate extract which moisturize your lips. In addition, the caffeine in this lipstick will make your lips appear fuller!

This lipstick contains SPF 15 and it’s formulated with retinol which re-texturizes lips. It also greatly reduces lip dryness and is available in 10 different shades.

True Color Nourishing Lipstick

The paraben-free Avon Nourishing Lipsticks have a satin finish and contain marine collagen and jojoba oil which nourish and soften your lips. See 100% improvement in lip dryness within the first 2 weeks of use! The True Color Nourishing Lipstick comes in 20 different shades.

Other Avon Lip Products

In addition to lipstick, Avon also has other makeup products for lips including lip liners, lip gloss, and lip balms & treatments. Visit my online Avon store in order to view the whole selection.

Face Makeup

Foundations, face primers, blush, and contour & highlighting products are all included in the Avon face makeup category.

Avon Foundation

Some of the foundations that are available from Avon are the Avon Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation, the Ink Lasting Foundation, and the Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation.

The Ink Lasting Foundation has a matte finish and is a lightweight, yet buildable light-to-medium coverage foundation.

Avon’s Cream-to-Powder Foundation is a cream foundation with a lightweight texture of a powder that finishes the look.

Avon Face Primers

There are 5 different face primers that are available from Avon x The Face Shop. Primers are a face products that you apply before foundation. They help you to get flawless looking skin. The one that you choose depends on what skin concern you are trying to correct.

First of all, there’s the Ink Lasting Primer. This primer turns your skin into a smooth canvas and helps to keep your makeup in place all day long. In addition smoothing uneven skin texture, it covers skin imperfections and controls oil.

Second, there’s the Tone Up Primer in Lumiere. This is the primer that you want to choose if you have dull-looking skin. This primer, along with the other Avon Primers, hydrate your skin and hide minor skin imperfections.

Third, the Lavender Tone Up Primer helps to correct yellow undertones in your skin. Therefore, this primer is perfect for sallow skin.

Fourth, the Tone Up Primer in Pink is great for those of you with pale skin. This primer hydrates & brightens skin.

Last of all, the Tone Up Primer in Mint is the perfect primer for hiding those with red, blotchy skin. The mint color hides skin redness for gorgeous looking skin.

Avon Contour & Highlight Products


Some of the different highlighting products for face that are available from Avon include the True Color Illuminating Stick, the Dazzle Drops, and the Moisture Cushion Highlighter.

The Illuminating Stick and the Dazzle Drops have received excellent reviews from customers. The Moisture Cushion Highlighter got good reviews, however, it wasn’t rated as highly as the other 2 highlighting products.

Face Contour Products

For face contouring, I suggest the Avon Transforming Contour Stick. This contour stick has both a dark color and a light color. Use the dark color to create shadows and contour. Then, use the light color to define and create contrast.

Avon Magix Wand Stick

Another product that you could use for contouring is the Magix Wand Foundation Stick. Use this stick for a variety of uses. You can conceal, highlight, and contour with the Magix Wand. Plus, it comes in 16 different shades!

Avon Blush

Two of the most popular Avon blushes include the True Color Luminous Blush and the Moisture Cushion Blush.

The Luminous Blush goes on soft & smooth. This blush is also buildable and comes in 6 different beautiful shades.

The Moisture Cushion Blush is a Korean beauty product from Avon x The Face Shop that creates a dewy and water-like flush on your cheeks. There are 3 different shades including Red, Coral, and Pink.

Avon Nail Polish

The nail polish that is available from Avon is the Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel. This nail polish comes in 20 different shades. Avon Gel Finish Nail Polish both strengthens and protects your nails. In addition, this gel-like nail polish dries super shiny and doesn’t need a top coat either!

Avon 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I also want to let you know that you can return any Avon product for a refund if you are not happy. Items that are marked FINAL SALE are not eligible to be returned. In addition, be sure to return within 90 days if you are not completely satisfied. If you try to return your products after 90 days, you will NOT be given a refund.

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I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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